Once you've purchased a legal form, go to your account page

Under Recent Orders, find the legal form you want to edit.

In the Download column, under the legal form name, click 

Update the various legal form fields as needed, then at the bottom, click 

You should then see the below success message: 

Click on the "Go Back To My Account" link that is outlined in red in the image above. 

Then click the "Download Files" button (see image below), which will then pop up a submenu that says "DOWNLAOD AS DOC".  Click that pop up submenu to begin downloading your system generated legal form.  

Depending on your browser and browser settings, you should see something like the following image: 

Click either the "Open" button or the down arrow after Save to select "Save as" to save to your desired location.  Then navigate to that location and open the saved file.